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Ministering to the Abraham Lincolns of the World Today

By James Pingel.
Abraham Lincoln had his own way of doing things. By God's grace, your way and life testimony can make an eternal difference in the lives of your students and their families. How will you lead the next Abraham Lincoln?

An Encounter with Derecho

By Frank Parris. It was a dark and stormy night….no, wait...it was a bright, beautiful, warm, summer early afternoon. Teachers were getting classrooms ready, administration had COVID protocols in place, and our new fourth grade teacher’s classroom had a fresh coat of paint. Two weeks away to welcoming students back, and things were finally falling into place. Yet soon, this very school would be falling apart. Approximate reading time: 15 minutes.

Teaching about Life for Life

By Stephenie Hovland. An eighth grader’s uncle commits suicide. A fifth grader’s big sister just found out she’s pregnant. A kindergartener’s grandpa died when they “pulled the plug.” A high school student has suicidal thoughts. A teacher has terminal cancer. These topics are not just political, controversial issues. Our students find themselves in these situations suddenly and unexpectedly. Teaching to children’s hearts is the way to promote life. This article provides help—even a curriculum piece—to help.
Approximate reading time: 12 minutes.

Holy Ground

By Chuck Strohacker. If you’ve ever known a congregation’s cemetery committee, you’ll relate to Chuck’s story.

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AMDnet Athletic Ministry Directors (AMDnet):
The Secret to Winning or The Secret to Contentment?

For days, an athlete quiets the thoughts in her head that ask “Why?” Why did I miss that serve? Why didn’t our team win? Until finally, after a practice, she bursts into tears and tells her coach, “I am sorry! I am sorry I missed that serve! I guess I did not have enough faith that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Please, show me how to have better faith.” What would you say? Approximate reading time: 8 minutes.

ECE net

ECEnet Early Childhood Educators (ECEnet):
Role Models and Super Heroes: Men in the Early Years

In a nation where many children do not have a stable and supportive father figure, the presence of male educators is necessary, especially in the early years. Both males and females can effectively support children in their early development. Coupled with negative stereotypes and issues of poor and often insensitive publicity in the media, many men steer away from the field of early childhood education. See this sensitive and honest appraisal of men in an early childhood ministry!

AGE net

EncourAGEnet Retired Lutheran Educators (EncourAGEnet):
Here I Am, Lord – Surprise Me!

Our God has a list of His own for His post-retirement servants. It is His nature to have a “hidden from us” agenda for our future. This article is a reprint from a previous EncourAGEnet article in Shaping the Future. Special thanks to Tom Giordano for permission to reprint.

ET net

ETnetElementary Teachers (ETnet):
Personalized Learning in the Classroom

No educator goes into teaching to fail. Skilled educators vary teaching styles, differentiate instruction, and work to reach each student where they are. Despite your skilled efforts, you may fall short of supporting full grade level mastery of standards for many of your students, but not because you aren’t trying hard enough, and certainly not because you don’t care. See some tips on how to apply personal learning styles strategies.
Approximate reading time: 10 minutes.

GLE net

GLEnet Global Lutheran Educators (GLEnet):
Giving Kids a Hands-On Outreach Experience

Sharing God’s Word with people around the world has always been a part of the church’s outreach program for teens and adults. However, until recently, few opportunities existed for children to serve and experience outreach hands on. Gospel Adventures gives kids in Christian schools, churches, and homeschools who are in preschool through middle school, and even some adults, an inside look into the day-to-day lives of people like them around the world.

LEAD net

LEADnet Leadership (LEADnet):
Managing and Sustaining Growth:
A Real Story about COVID-19

We had 60 new students in our school. How does one manage such growth? How will these students and their families be retained beyond this year? We still do not have answers to these and many more questions, but we have confidence and belief in our mission. It is simply to “connect with others, to grow for the sake of sharing the Gospel, and to serve others in the name of Christ.” Tom has some additional advice. Approximate reading time: 15 minutes.

LD net

LDnet Learning Disabilities (LDnet):
New Challenges and New Routines

Disruptions and changes will continue to affect our students and us. New procedures and routines are often difficult for students with disabilities even at the best of times, but the constant changes of the past year present even more challenges for many of these students. It is important to keep some tips in mind for how to help students with disabilities adapt to these ongoing changes in routines.

MID net

MIDnet Middle School Educators (MIDnet):
Putting Love in Action

Looking for a Lutheran Junior Honor Association (LJHA) or other service project? Denise offers several possibilities along with contact information. Whether or not your school is an LJHA member, training and participating in service to others is a legitimate and essential part of a Christian school curriculum.
Approximate reading time: 8 minutes.

PEN net

PENnetParish Educators (PEN):
Am I a Pastor or a Principal?

Both complement and go hand-in-hand with one another. Dual roles require a mindset and skill set commensurate to the expectations of each role. Jesus, the Word, became flesh and dwelt among us. As such, my eyes are fixed on Jesus, pastor-principal par excellence, that in time, I too may grow to minister as He did, “full of grace and truth” (John 1:14). Learn how one pastor/principal describes the role. Approximate reading time: 11 minutes.

SEC net

SECnetSecondary Educators (SECnet):
The Joy of Ownership

Entering the age of Covid education our faculty asked, “What do we want students to learn?” and, “How will they learn outside our presence?” It became clear that the change thrust upon us was a change in roles. Parents would need to become investors, not merely consumers. Students would need to take, age appropriate, ownership of their learning. Teachers would need to relinquish the status as dispensers of all knowledge and become facilitators of the students’ initiative.



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