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Conference and Convocation

Registration for the Lutheran School Administrators Conference (LSAC) is now open. See details at Registration and Hotel Details and Program Details. LSAC is March 21–23, 2021 in Orlando. (Pandemic contingencies are also in place.)

Get out your 2022 calendar. October 6–8 is the 2022 LEA Convocation in Milwaukee, Wis. The theme is Together. Keep informed: LEAnews will carry updates, including the opportunity to have a sectional at the convocation.


Let Laura be your tour guide. Be sure to visit LEAconnects for access to all LEA resources. Easy to search and browse! No log in necessary. Come in and browse around. Don’t know what to expect? Let Laura give you a tour and navigation tips to help you along.

Activate caution

What Teachers Should Do When QAnon Conspiracy Theories Come to Class (Madeline Will in Education Week Teacher/EdWeek). Such occasions also provide opportunities to apply the basic questions of a Christian biblical overview. You might also see The Key Component of a Biblical Worldview (Glen Schultz) or Christian Worldview (Summit Ministries).

Helpful articles you might have missed:

Step up: 10 Ways to be a Leader—Even When You Aren’t in Charge (Patti Johnson in SUCCESS).

WOW: Be sure to see the new weekly Wednesday devotional piece, Words on Wednesday, a brief and encouraging devotional piece with a new writer every week.

You need to do both: How to Lead and How to Follow (Tim Challies).

XOXOs: Well, maybe not that, but here are 5 Ways to Communicate with Love (James Bruyn in Biblical Leadership).

Complaint Dept.: One Question I Ask Every Time I Receive a Complaint (Ron Edmondson).

Call for writers

Would you be willing to write for the spring issue of Shaping the Future? I’m especially interested in how to wrap the biblical Christian worldview into how and what you teach. This could be a feature article (1,500–2,000 words) or a regular article (1,000–1,200 words) with a deadline around Valentine’s Day. Want to query a topic or get more details? Email ed.grube@lea.org. Please include your current grade level experience.

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