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From the Director of Educational Resources

Two of LEA’s Newest Resources

LEAconnectsOn September 1, LEA debuted a new feature for its members. LEAconnects (https://leaconnects.lea.org) houses more than 650 resources, and eventually, it will provide thousands of resources designed for educators in Lutheran schools and congregations. If you haven’t been to the site, be sure to take a peek and spend some time there. You’ll find a wealth of information and more is added weekly.

Here are some tips to help you explore LEAconnects:

The other new resource from LEA that has its elements and resources described on LEAconnects is the Lutheran Junior Honor Association.

About a year ago, there was conversation on ETnet and LEADnet about a desire to create a distinctly Lutheran honor society for middle school students. LEA created a task force in January to explore the possibility. Members Shirley Geiss (Fla.), Keith GeRue (Wis.), Suzan Winkelman (Texas), and Ann Ryherd (Mo.) worked with me to create an organization that emphasizes discipleship, service, leadership, and academics. We realized that small schools had different needs than large ones, so we tried to understand everyone’s needs. The exciting part of this venture is that we have schools from Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Texas, and Hawaii that have joined. You can find all the information that you need to join at the Lutheran Junior Honor Association tab on LEAconnects or at the LEA website. We are still accepting new chapters, and we will be adding a store soon as well as additional resources.

LEA seeks ways to equip its members as they perform their various ministries. Stay tuned for more exciting resources coming to LEA soon as we seek to serve you.