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LEA 2019 Convocation recap

Thanks to all who made the 2019 LEA convocation successful—including all who attended, all who volunteered their time and labor, and the planning team who spent nearly three years to make the program useful and enjoyable.

Check out the convocation experiences on LEA’s Facebook page.

Start salting… Begin saving now for the 2022 LEA convocation. We don’t know where it will be, and we haven’t selected a theme yet, but start now to raise and save funding. LEA is collecting fund raising ideas (send them to ed.grube@lea.org). We already have a timely suggestion from teacher Allison Golz who says, “All the teachers crafted something and sold it at the church Christmas bazaar.” (They made $250.00.)

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Do you have 2020 Vision?

Details and registration are now available for 2020 Vision: Caring for Your Staff—the 2020 LEA National Administrators Conference in partnership with Concordia Plan Services (Feb. 19­­–20, Phoenix). And register for Best Practices too.


EncourAGEnet and Grow a Teacher have an affinity, so perhaps you’ll rejoice in a Lutheran education future as you listen to two future teachers now attending CUAA: Katherine Van Dellen (’22) and Jennifer Smith (’20).


LEA and other Resources

Touché, Cliché is the new series of LEA weekly devotions. A cliché seems a lot like an abbreviated proverb, that literary genre that occupies a prominent place in Scripture. But consider the cliché a verbal object lesson, with Scripture breathing new life into tired phrases. Written for LEA educators.

Lutheran Education Journal… the latest online issue is now available. Among the articles… “Faith-Based Education and Ethical Behavior” and “Elements of Effective Mentoring.”

Lots of good monthly resources… the November resources in the LCMS School Ministry Mailing are now available. Among the articles… “Giving Thanks” in Alight and the same title, “Giving Thanks” in Professionally Speaking.

Need a basic introduction or review of foundational Lutheran teachings? LEA’s Faith Lessons by Kim Marxhausen is a useful podcast resource.

Oh, no! Your Worldview is Likely More Secular Than You Think (Sean McDowell blog).

“Gospel-motivated voices for life don’t only speak in churches.” See Respect and Protect by Michael Salemink in Word from the Center Digest (Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty).

Your “audience” is changing. See Families are Changing…Are You Prepared to Reach Them (Relevant Children’s Ministry).

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