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iWhy: Why I Became a
Lutheran School Educator

LEA members tell why they became Lutheran school educators. You will all relate to some of what you’ll read here!

Pastors and Schools Triple Feature!
What does it take for a productive and God-pleasing relationship between church and school? Here are stories from three places that know the answers.

Come, Have Fun With Us
During the Eclipse!

Where were you when the lights went out? Shaping the Future’s artist was in Jacob, Ill., to experience the great eclipse of 2017.

Emergency drills often leave memories. Read some of Chuck’s experiences in a Chicago Lutheran school back in the ’60s.

LEA networks


AMD net

AMDnet Athletic Ministry Directors (AMDnet):
Transgender Issues: Coming Soon
to a Lutheran School Near You

You don’t want to go here—but odds are good that this moral, legal, and theological issue will find a way to confront you.

ECE net

ECEnet Early Childhood Educators (ECEnet):
Let’s Learn About God’s World Through Skype

How big is your classroom? Shelley tells how you can expand the walls
to encompass the world.

AGE net

EncourAGEnet Retired Lutheran Educators (EncourAGEnet):
What Will You Do Once You Retire?

Dreaming of what you will do in retirement?
Let David help with those dreams.

ET net

ETnetElementary Teachers (ETnet):
Novel Writing

A whole class of novel writers? Wow!
Christin shares one way of doing it.

GLE net

GLEnet Global Lutheran Educators (GLEnet):
Witnessing Christ in Asian Lutheran Schools

If you’ve wondered about serving in Asia—or are just curious, David offers insights and tips for service.

LEAD net

LEADnet Leadership (LEADnet):
Dealing With Board Micromanagement

Every board has its weaknesses. Micromanaging can be most damaging.
Paul has some thoughts on how to help them into a proper role..

LD net

LDnet Learning Disabilities (LDnet):
Gifted and Talented Education in Lutheran Schools

What do you do with the high achievers in your classroom?
Kara offers some ideas.

MID net

MIDnet Middle School Educators (MIDnet):
Praise His Name Through Dance

Many of your students already enjoy dancing.
Find out how one teacher coaches a team.

PEN net

PENnetParish Educators (PEN):
Beyond the Word Bank:
Helping Struggling Students in Religion Class

Religion or confirmation classes rarely have access to resources that help students with learning difficulties. Check out Mara’s suggestions.

SEC net

SECnetSecondary Educators (SECnet):
Growth Mindset

You may already be practicing growth mindset, but check out Becca’s description of how it works for her and her school.



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