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What Will You Do
Once You Retire?

Retirement sounds magical, mystical, and perhaps mysterious. You have graded your last set of papers and completed your last set of grade cards! No more red pens! You have put aside your plan book, cleaned out your classroom, and said your goodbyes to the last set of students and also to your colleagues. I hope you celebrated this major milestone in your ministry!

“God’s way for us to grow old is for us to develop a walk with him now—a walk that involves a deep personal, experimental knowledge of God, a walk that includes the habits of trust, praise, and hope, a walk that involves a lifestyle of ministry for God.”
— Steven J. Cole
I hope you have spent some time attending social security seminars, investigating your Concordia Plans, discussing matters with your spouse, and praying about your future plans. You should know your retirement age (according to Social Security), and what your projected income will be based upon your pension from Concordia Plans and also Social Security. Do you have any other investments that you can rely on, such as Thrivent or other investment plans? By the way, have you completed a will? I encourage you to find someone reliable who works with wills so that document is set for you and your spouse.

As you consider retirement, will you be living in the same home, moving to a new place, or downsizing your home? Do you plan to move near your grandchildren or locate to a senior citizen community? Those are some important questions to consider, especially if you continue to have any kind of mortgage.

In the meantime, what plans do you have for retirement? Do you plan to be a substitute teacher, teach part time, or find a part-time job? There are many factors to consider for the future. All of a sudden, though your classroom schedule once determined how you spent your time, now you can determine your own schedule, which may sound exciting, or you may be apprehensive. Does retirement translate into full-time leisure? That may seem exciting, but over time that might lose its luster.

One important thing to consider will be health care plans. Have you signed up for Medicare Part A? The cost of health care is a vital and significant concern for all retired individuals. This is something that you will need to explore with your primary care doctor, or through Concordia Plans, or also check AARP for more health information. Will you need a health care supplement? Take time to determine what plan is best for your household based upon your health care needs. I also suggest researching what you might need for long-term health care.

Create a new routine that inspires and lifts your soul. Spend time with God whether at church, at devotions, or at the park.Here are some suggestions on things that you might think about for the future:

Consider taking trips or tours. You can take trips or tours anytime of the year. We are planning to take a tour of the New England states in the fall. We are also thinking about seeing Graceland in Memphis and the Grand Ole’ Opry in Nashville, then touring Smoky Mountain National Park. We are huge fans of the National Park System and relish the opportunity to see the wonders of God’s creation in our national parks. Check out tours from Expedia, AARP, Collete, Globus, and Caravan. These touring companies offer valuable assistance for planning a memorable event for you and your spouse or just yourself.

You also have time to exercise more often. Find something that you might enjoy, such as tennis, outdoor lawn games, skiing, snowshoeing, skeet shooting, kayaking, archery, hiking, biking, golf, bowling, or yoga. Check out the local fitness center that offers an immense amount of exercise facilities at a reasonable cost. Your health care plans might cover your membership. You could also walk at the mall before the stores open for the day.

Now you have time to take up a new sport or hobby. You can also check out the nearby state or national parks, community colleges or universities, museums, or nature centers that offer hikes, tours, or classes at different days, times, or seasons of the year. Research their websites, where you can subscribe to their updates for events that are being sponsored.

Perhaps you enjoy writing or would like to explore advancing your written communication skills. Consider writing devotions for Portals of Prayer or Hope-Full Living. Also, you should consider writing articles for Lutheran Education Association (LEA), but check with Ed Grube for exploring topics. Send an email to This is something that can be done when your time allows, plus this offers the opportunity for sharing your faith with written words.

Here are other ideas to consider:

Don’t become a couch potato now that the routine of work is over. Learn something new as a prescription for good mental health. Create a new routine that inspires and lifts your soul. Spend time with God whether at church, at devotions, or at the park.

David Bever is a retired Lutheran teacher who lives in Las Vegas with his wife, two grown children, and three adorable granddaughters. He enjoys good restaurants, visiting national parks, and cheering for all four Detroit sports teams.

Photo by Kathryn Brewer