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Mission Statement

Executive Summary

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Mission Statement

Lutheran Education Association is a professional organization linking, equipping, and affirming educators in Lutheran ministries.



Executive Summary

Lutheran Education Association links, equips, and affirms educators in Lutheran ministries, helping them become excellent educators.

Educators in Lutheran ministries face many challenges. Effective ministry requires participation by individuals and organizations who care about people and understand how Lutheran educational ministries are distinctive. LEA is an organization composed of individuals who are ready to help others address challenges and make a difference in the lives of those they serve.

Many obstacles confront educators in Lutheran ministries. Among those barriers may be unreasonable demands on time, lack of professional identity, misperceptions of ministry, unstable family environment, unsatisfying professional and personal relationships, feelings of isolation, and inadequate professional growth and spiritual nurture.

LEA helps its members confront their problems, predicaments, and pains. Members benefit from the experience and care of colleagues through print publications, Internet resources, conferences, academies, and forum-style listservs.

Since 1942, Lutheran Education Association has provided practical resources and visionary leadership to educators in Lutheran ministries. Today, LEA serves more than 3,000 professionals involved in many education ministries. LEA is a Christian education movement that:

  • Interprets and promotes the importance of Lutheran Christian education.

  • Articulates issues confronting Christian education and the educator in Lutheran ministries.

  • Advances the professional growth of educators in Lutheran ministries.

  • Enables Lutheran education professionals to understand their unique role and utilize that role to positively affect the church and the world.

  • Promotes the interests of educators in Lutheran ministries as they minister to children, youth, and adults in the church and the world.


LEA Membership Benefits

LEA Mall

Shop online for LEA products, general merchandise of interest to educators, LEA and spirit wear clothing—all at a discount to LEA members. Also in the Mall: Lutheran Credit Union of America financial services

Lutheran Education Opportunity Center

Post your information

Search and review ministry positions

Post ministry positions

Search and review qualified candidates

Institutes, Academies, & Conferences

Member discounts at:

  • National Administrators Conference

  • Early Childhood Leadership Institute

  • Triennial Convocation

LEA Student Membership Support

Resources for students training for church work

Preparing students for ministry

Affirming their decision to serve the Lord

Care and Wellness

Speaking on behalf and in support of educators in Lutheran ministries


Networks for specific ministries

Internet listservs

Tips of the Week and other informational resources



Shaping the Future quarterly LEA magazine

LEAnews (Internet publication)

Devotions (Internet publication)

Prayer Column (Internet publication)

Lutheran Education

LEA eMonographs (Internet publication)

Special Reports (Network/Internet publications)


LEA Networks

LEA Directors of Christian Education Network (DCEnet)

Purpose: To advocate, link, and equip Directors of Christian Education to serve more effectively in God's Kingdom


LEA Early Childhood Educators Network (ECEnet)

Purpose: To link early childhood professionals in Lutheran schools to resources and to equip and affirm them as they minister to the diverse needs of young children and their families (preschool through grade 2)


LEA Elementary Teachers Network (ETnet)

Purpose: To support, resource, and represent elementary teachers in their Lutheran school ministries (grades 3 through 8)


LEA Leadership Network (LEADnet)

Purpose: To gather school administrators, early childhood directors, and other leaders in Lutheran education to exchange ideas, grow in professionalism, and be affirmed through resources and publications


LEA Mission & Outreach Network (MOnet)

Purpose: To link educators in international, cross-cultural, and outreach ministry settings with resources, experiences, and support


LEA Secondary Educators Network (SECnet)

Purpose: To promote interaction and resource-sharing among educators in Lutheran secondary schools


EncourAGEnet  (AGEnet)

Purpose: To link, equip, encourage, and celebrate post-retirement service


Student Network Live (SNL)

Purpose: To link, equip, and affirm future Lutheran educators by forming connections among their peers and with other Lutheran educators

Membership Application has complete information on the 8 LEA Networks and other membership benefits.