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From the Editor

Come to the Convo!

I’ve heeded that call for all but one of the LEA convocations, going way, way back to the first one in Indianapolis. Participants were mostly school administrators back then, but now an administrator would be remiss not to take the faculty.

Please don’t miss the professional development, fellowship, and fun of Opening Eyes, Minds, and Hearts in St. Louis this fall.

And do see the two articles about the 2019 convocation in this issue of ShapingtheFuture.

God bless you!

From the Executive Director

Eyes, Minds and Hearts

LEA Convo 2019Welcome to another spring season. It’s not hard for me to get excited about this time of year. I love the idea of four seasons, but the persistent cold in the midwest (and many other parts of the country), the long, darker days, and the flurry of activity around all the holidays create a need for new perspective. At this time of year, new light shines through, new sounds populate the air, and an expectation of warmth and new life fills the senses.

This is the perfect time of year to launch the registration site for LEA’s 2019 Convocation under the theme “Opening Eyes, Minds, and Hearts.” We are excited to anticipate our next triennial event taking place for the 13th time this October 10–12, 2019. The location will be St. Louis, Missouri, a city we have not visited since 1987. (Were YOU there?) Over two years of preparation have already been put into the event and the planning continues! A steering committee comprised of volunteer leaders and LEA staff —as well as many other individuals and organizations—are working diligently to make this convocation another great one.

The scriptural basis for the 2019 LEA Convocation theme stems from many verses, among them:

Our Lutheran education ministry is filled with multi-sensory and deeply imbedded cognitive and affective elements that are influenced by our surroundings but driven by the strength that God provides as He prepares us to stand up to the world and be bold in sharing the love of Jesus Christ in everything we do. Our eyes, minds, and hearts are all part of the complex plan that God has created for each of us as we carry out His call to teach and to serve. What great opportunity we have to come together and celebrate these gifts as one Body of Christ!

In this issue of ShapingtheFuture, you will learn more about the convocation itself through Ed Grube’s Come to the Convo article and Paul Piel’s explanation of a great new feature: the Convocation app. You may also head directly to the registration site for more details or follow our updates at the LEA Convocation web site. For a fun introduction to the convocation and the characters who are helping us carry out the theme, be sure to watch the Meet Eyes, Minds, and Hearts video.

We look forward to seeing you in St. Louis at the 2019 LEA Convocation. In the meantime, may God continue to bless your special ministry to the children, youth, and adults whose lives you touch every day, as you find new ways to open your eyes, mind, and heart.