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Church Worker Praise

There are inherent risks such as stress, sadness, and frustration involved for workers of the church primarily because their job is to serve others. Building on the article Who Advocates for the Church Worker? Rev. Dr. Bruce Hartung outlines a model for a Worker Support Team within the congregation, and provides excellent resources to encourage advocacy the church worker.

Healthy School Ministry

What makes a Lutheran School Ministry healthy? What are indicators of your school's health? If you need to make some changes, what does your health plan look like? Lutheran consultant Paul Brandt and STF Editor Jill Zempel encourage you to take the time to give your school a health assessment because healthy Lutheran schools are Christ-like, peaceful, and productive.

Walking Away…

Why do so many of our young people walk away from church? And how do we deal with the rejection of beliefs we know to have eternal consequences? Rev. Dr. John Oberdeck eloquently provides us with five suggestions to help us with our emotions and our faith. His article offers love, peace, and hope to an unanswerable question. Please read this article and share it with others!

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