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Now What?!

A little shaky about the new school year? See Judy’s encouragement—and practical advice.

Church-School Relationships

This article will help lead you, as the school director, to a healthier partnership in your school/church relationship.

Dear New Teacher

Be worried if you don't have first-day, first-class jitters!
Read “Dear New Teacher” for help.

New Lutheran Junior
Honor Association

“Learn to serve. Follow to lead”… find out how.

iwhy graphic

iWhy: God’s Leading Hand Throughout Life’s Journey

What did you want to be when you were growing up? Did you ever feel your will didn’t align with God’s will? Read about Roy’s journey
—all the way to LEA’s Distinguished Early Childhood Administrator!

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AMDnet Athletic Ministry Directors (AMDnet):
I’m Such a Tool. Cans of Worms.
And Things I Know For Certain.

If you’re certain that you don’t know what’s for certain, you should certainly read this without delay.

ECE net

ECEnet Early Childhood Educators (ECEnet):
Hidden Lessons in Early Childhood STREAM

Every time our STREAM class meets, I wonder if I am learning as much as they are. Here is what they have taught me so far.

AGE net

EncourAGEnet Retired Lutheran Educators (EncourAGEnet):
Four Short Stories

Read four diverse insights into retirement as these recent retirees share their stories.

ET net

ETnetElementary Teachers (ETnet):
Learning is Fun!

Allyson has lots of practical suggestions to make learning fun!

GLE net

GLEnet Global Lutheran Educators (GLEnet):
The Supportive Network of Lutheran Schools: Concordia Shanghai—and Beyond

Lutheran schools across the U.S. responded and welcomed Concordia-Shanghai students during early Spring 2020.

LEAD net

LEADnet Leadership (LEADnet):
New Approaches to Learning in a Digital Context

Two stories of learning and collaboration in this time of transition.

LD net

LDnet Learning Disabilities (LDnet):
Online Considerations for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities must deal with the additional
challenges of distance learning. Kara shares some considerations
to address these challenges.

MID net

MIDnet Middle School Educators (MIDnet):
Being Mindful in the Middle—Called to Serve

Teaching is so much more than teaching! It’s about relating in the name of Jesus. Paula describes how that works in her ministry.

PEN net

PENnetParish Educators (PEN):
Beyond the Word Bank:
Helping Struggling Students in Religion Class

Religion or confirmation classes rarely have access to resources
that help students with learning difficulties.
Check out Mara’s suggestions.

SEC net

SECnetSecondary Educators (SECnet):
Overcoming Failure Through Authentic Feedback

Failure is an opportunity for learning. David explains how to
manage and capitalize both on students’ failures and on success. (This article is helpful for teachers at all levels!)



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