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iWhy: Why I Became a
Lutheran School Educator

In this new feature, LEA members tell why they became Lutheran school educators. Student members of LEA may find these pages especially interesting, but likely all our members can relate to some of what you’ll read here.

Make a Joyful Noise
Art and Music Camp

Maybe this is something you wished you knew about before summer break, but it’s good enough to save and plan for next year.

Maintaining a Christian Identity
in a Data-Driven Society

In Christian education, important factors can hardly be illustrated by numbers. Learn how the affective domain is important to teaching and learning.

Grant-Writing Tips for
Lutheran Schools

Have you ever imagined how great it would be if you could add a new program or offer new resources to the families and students you serve? Mike Schiemann may help you turn dreams into reality!

“What Did Gary Do This Time?”
Do two wrongs ever make a right? Find out from Chuck.

LEA networks


AMD net

AMDnet Athletic Ministry Directors (AMDnet):
Eight Ways to Use Your Student Athletes as
Positive Role Models and Why It’s Important

Relationships make or break Lutheran schools. Check out ideas for a mentoring initiative with the school.

ECE net

ECEnet Early Childhood Educators (ECEnet):
Out of the Minds of Babes:
Making Sense of the First Days of Preschool

Read this! Even if you’re not an early childhood teacher. Note: Observers may wonder just what you’re looking at on this screen!

AGE net

EncourAGEnet Retired Lutheran Educators (EncourAGEnet):
Egad! I’m 70!

If you don’t know what egad means, maybe you’re too young to read this. But you’re invited anyway.

ET net

ETnetElementary Teachers (ETnet):
Like, Raise the Bar Yourself

Setting the example in our own speech makes for better speech in our students!

GLE net

GLEnet Global Lutheran Educators (GLEnet):
Protestant Reformation and Global Education

Learn more about Martin Luther and the Reformation’s worldwide influence on education.

LEAD net

LEADnet Leadership (LEADnet):
Teaching and Reaching First-Year Teachers

Administrators at all levels will benefit from Dr. Pingel’s practical suggestions.

LD net

LDnet Learning Disabilities (LDnet):
Challenges with Behavior

Find out how you can help students who exhibit challenging behavior.

MID net

MIDnet Middle School Educators (MIDnet):
Engaging Students With Learning

Engaged learners need engaging teachers.
Here are a few things you can do.

PEN net

PENnetParish Educators (PEN):
Not a Faith Graduation

Where have all the graduates gone? They need you to know.

SEC net

SECnetSecondary Educators (SECnet):
Are Your Students Ready for Defensive Warfare?

Too many of your young people are headed to college without
a firm foundation in what they believe and why they believe it.
How can we prepare them?


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