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Recognizing Outreach Moments
An outreach moment is an invitation to model Christ with words and deeds. Here is a plan to make the most of your outreach opportunities. 

Nurturing the Faith Quotient
How do we encourage and teach the faith quotient? Kim Marxhausen reminds us that our students assure us that they are ready for the world when their faith is an integral part of their understanding.

A Lutheran educators guide to Twitter!

LEA networks


ECE net

ECEnet Early Childhood Educators (ECEnet):
Hands are for Reading?

Using sign language can be extremely beneficial in
teaching phonics and reading to Kindergarteners!
Here is how to get started in your classroom.

AGE net

EncourAGEnet Retired Lutheran Educators (EncourAGEnet):
Christian Retirement and the Bible

Did you know that the Bible never encourages Christians
to retire from serving God? Read this article
as you explore all of your options for retirement. 

ET net

ETnetElementary Teachers (ETnet):
21st Century Technology in Religion Class and Beyond

Use these strategies to integrate technology
in your Lutheran school classrooms.
Includes links to many resources for your classroom.

GLE net

GLEnet Global Lutheran Education (GLEnet):
Sharing Faith in an International Setting

There are specific challenges to sharing your faith
in other cultures. Here are some ideas on how best
to communicate the Gospel.

LEAD net

LEADnet Leadership (LEADnet):
Get an Attitude About NLSA

Use these 10 tried and true attitudes
to navigate the NLSA process.
You can thank Ed later.

MID net

MIDnet Middle School Educators (MIDnet):
If This is Your First Year of Teaching

Timely tips from a first year teacher.
If you're a new Lutheran educator,
you'll want to read this. Now.

PEN net

PENnetParish Educators (PENnet):
Encouraging Dramatic Involvement of Youth in Worship

A step-by-step process to get youth involved
in reading Scripture at your worship services.
It's worth the read!

SEC net

SECnetSecondary Educators (SECnet):
If a New Teacher is Joining Your Staff...

You may not remember your first year clearly, so this is a reminder from the perspective of a new teacher. Please read this article if you have a new teacher starting at your Lutheran school!



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