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Roots of Faith: What Do We Know Now
that We Didn't Know Then?

“The generations need each other,” says author Dr. John Oberdeck. “Without the older generation’s careful guidance the young are without direction. Without the younger generation’s need for care and direction the older generation is without purpose.” Now that we know, here’s what we can do.

Teaching Young People to Think
and Do Hard Things

“A Lutheran philosophy of education compels us to design learning environments where the Word of God not only sits on the desks of teachers and pastors but it is placed in the hands of each learner, equipping them to stand firm.” Dr. Bernard Bull offers five 21st Century skills not found in many textbooks.

Lutheran Christian Education and
the Mission of the Church

Authors Martin and Jean Barlau call readers to action to reverse the negative changes and once again fund the vital mission of Lutheran schools. Are you up for a challenge?

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