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Secondary Educators Network (SECnet)

Purpose: To promote interaction and resource-sharing among educators in Lutheran secondary and middle/junior high schools, equipping and empowering these educators for a uniquely Lutheran ministry, modeling their faith in real and genuine ways across the various disciplines.

SECnet Leadership Team:

Gary Loontjer, Chair, Mayer, MN

Howard Shane, Concordia, MO

David Black, Centennial, CO

Paul Buchheimer, Austin, TX

Angelica Young, Connover, NC


   Howard             Gary                                Paul                           Dave




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LEA Awards for Secondary Professionals


Learn more about these awards. General qualifications appear below:



Recipients of LEA SECnet awards


Distinguished Lutheran Secondary Educator


2010     Doug Guenther

2009     Jeffrey Daley

2008     Shelly Davis

2006     Darla Rosendahl

2005     Rebecca Oerman



Outstanding New Lutheran Secondary Educator


2010     Matt McClintock

2007     Mitzi Loughmiller

2005     Christopher Jung



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Lutheran Colleges Connections

Help students in Lutheran high schools connect to Lutheran colleges at


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Preparing Chapel Services

LEA Secondary Educators Network was blessed with two articles on preparing chapel services for and with high school students. Written by well-known Dr. Jeff Burkart, these two articles are good for elementary as well as high schools.

Preparing Chapel Services Part 1

Preparing Chapel Services Part 2


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WEB Sites for High School Teachers

Here is a list of some useful websites that are subject specific for Secondary teachers. If you have a site you would like listed, please email it to

Math Related


Complex Numbers

General Math

Game Sites for Math



Grammar and Writing