Parish Educators Network (PEN)


DCE national organizers announced the formation of  National Association of Directors of Christian Education (NADCE), which plans to begin operations sometime in fall2009. LEA celebrates this new organization and prays for its success. DCEs should watch for more information directly from NADCE.


 With the announcement and introduction of a new national organization, LEA has broadened its focus on parish education to include all professional church workers who help with parish education programs, including those whose involvement with parish education takes them outside of their “full time” ministry, e.g., pastors teaching confirmation, teachers doing youth work, deaconesses teaching weekday school, etc.


 LEA will continue to serve DCEs, and the DCE Network will change titles to better reflect its service area and to avoid confusion between the two organizations. The working name is PEN—Parish Educators Network.


 DCEs who are members of LEA will continue to have access to the listserv. There is no address change…it’s still


     Those who sign on to PEN will also have access to the DCEnet listserv. The address, but not the use, will likely change sometime in fall 2009.


PEN Purpose Statement:

Under the gospel of Christ, the Parish Educators Network (PEN) provides a practical, joyful, and biblically-based community that links, equips, and affirms people with responsibilities in diverse educational roles in dynamic, safe, accessible, and uplifting ways.


PEN Leadership Team:

Dir. Children’s Ministry Linda Bailey

DCE Jim Bargmann

Dr. Jeffrey Burkart

Teacher Scott Johnson

Rev. John Oberdeck


          John      Linda          Jeff    Scott           Jim



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NEW Summer 2010...Introducing PEN Associates


LEA members—especially those who identify with PEN—now have an opportunity to assist those they lead in congregational educational service by connecting them with others conducting similar services.


Membership in PEN Associates is open to non-professional staff sponsored by an LEA member and PEN participant. Examples of PEN Associates are non-professional or unpaid staff serving in youth ministry, confirmation, VBS, Sunday school, parish adult education, parish summer camps, and other parish education ministries. (Professional church workers paid for work in Lutheran congregations and schools are not eligible for PEN Associates.)


Benefits to PEN Associates include the following:

  Access to a listserv/forum for networking (questions and discussion) with others (similar to your PEN Network listserv).

  Listserv monitored and mentored by LEA PEN Network leadership and LEA staff.

  Tips and questions for discussion or reflection twice each month


Cost is $10.00 annually and coincides with the term of the sponsoring LEA professional’s membership.


Download the PEN Associates brochure for details and registration form.



DCEnet Resources


Major documents produced by LEA DCEnet and its predecessors are now in the LEA Online Library. Also see the LEA DCE Network page.